Tenancy Agreement

Housing Act 1988

The Housing Act 1988 covers some of the UK legislation for the Private Rented Sector.

The government spent over 250 hours putting together prospective laws to make the private rental sector fairer for landlords. The laws that got passed were put into The Housing Act 1988, which covers the statutory rights and legal responsibilities for both landlords and tenants.

It’s common for clauses in the Tenancy Agreement to conflict with the statutory rights written in the Housing Act. While this should never be the case, Tenancy Agreements have been notoriously butchered by novice landlords and letting agents who have added/modifed their own clauses, unaware of the statutory rights. In this case, the Tenancy Agreement is invalid, as the Housing Act is the ruling law, which cannot be overwritten.

The Official Housing Act 1988 is available online.

Since the Housing Act 1988 was introduced, revisions have been made, which have been added in the Housing Act 1996.